RentProXL™ (Replacement Rental)

For Insurance Replacement Business

The Exponential growth in the Insurance Replacement Rental has created a need for a professional Insurance Replacement System. RentProXL has been re designed to cater to the growing Insurance Replacement Rental Market using state of the art Web based technology.

Branch Dashboard

Feel the pulse of your Insurance Replacement business

Reservation Information

  • Total Reservations for the Day
  • Reservation break down by the hour
  • Open, Confirmed and Cancelled Reservations
  • Reservation by Location, Area, Region and Company
  • Unconfirmed Reservations for Body Shop, Insurance Companies etc.

Vehicle and Vehicle Utilization

  • Ready, Rented, Out of Service Vehicles
  • Vehicles at Garage & Sale Cycle
  • Total Fleet, Rented and Vehicle Utilization
  • Expected Transfer Check In’s

Action Items

  • Preclosed Agreements by Insurance Company, Body Shop, Awaiting Final Authorization, Ready to Bill
  • Claims Awaiting Claim Alert #
  • Agreements without Claim #, Policy #
  • Rewrite Agreements
  • Insufficient Security, Credit Cards Approaching Expiry
  • Vehicles at Garage, Overdue from Garage
  • Vehicles Approaching Service, Due for Service

Insurance Call Centre (ICC) Dashboard

Manage your Insurance Replacement Requests through Innovative Insurance Call Centre Dashboard

ICC Records Information

  • Total ICC records created for the day
  • Agreements Opened & Closed for the Day
  • Statuses of ICC Claim Records – New, Booked, Active, Expired.
  • Rewrite Agreements
  • Authorization Expired On Open and Pre Closed Rentals

Action Items

  • Preclosed Agreements Not Invoiced, Ready to bill
  • Preclosed Agreements with Final Authorization
  • Not Authorized within 48 hours
  • Authorization above or Approaching Maximum limit
  • Garage Information Missing, Car Group Discrepancy
  • Agreement with Vehicle Exchanges

Benefits of RentProXL for Insurance Replacement Business

  • Streamlined and simplified Replacement Rental process
  • Sophisticated Insurance Call Centre software with direct link to Rental Agreement and Insurance Web Portal
  • Split billing to multiple parties including Insurance Companies, Body Shops, Third Party Insurance & Renter from the same rental agreement
  • Calendar and Hourly Rental option
  • Track and Monitor your Replacement Rental business using real time Dashboard
  • Flexible and accurate Invoicing to customers
  • Web Portal for Insurance and Body shop
  • Seamless integration with FleetProXL, GarageProXL and CRM Modules
  • Built in advanced reporting tools to extract critical business information

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CarPro Systems – RentProXL™ (Replacement Rental)

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