CarPro Systems ChauffeurProXL module has been developed in answer to the growing market demand for a professional, modern and sophisticated software system capable of handling the needs of today’s Limousine and Chauffer drive industry.

ChauffeurProXL is equipped with an intelligent rate engine that provides instant pricing for hourly, daily, transfer and outstation rates providing you with the capability of creating instantaneous Chauffeur Quotations, Reservations, Agreements and Duty Slips thereby increasing front desk efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

ChauffeurProXL is built to manage Chauffeur resources and includes Chauffeur availability and allocation, profiling, attendance planning, time sheet management and payment costs. These tools will provide you with the opportunity to ensure more effective fleet and chauffeur planning resulting in the optimization of fleet and chauffeur utilization.

ChauffeurProXL effectively handles the invoicing, accounting and accounts receivables of all chauffeur agreement activity and also provides a suite of revenue, profitability, variance and utilization reports which are crucial for the assessment of any modern business venture.

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 CarPro Systems – ChauffeurProXL™