To allow optimal security between CarPro Systems and its customers, we offer secured FTP connections from our servers.

Download a client that accepts outgoing SFTP connections. For this example, we use FileZilla (click to download from CarPro Systems’ server).

After installing the application: open the application, go to file and click on site manager. Here you can create a new FTP connection. Use the following settings:


Servertype: FTPS Third tab (extra settings): passive

And finally enter your business FTP username and password provided by CarPro Systems. You can use your existing account information. If you no longer have this information, please contact us.

If you wish we can add in an extra security messure by only allowing FTP connections to the CarPro Systems FTP server from an IP list that you provided. When needed, you can supply us with this IP list.

Download instruction leaflet:
CarPro Systems – Secured FTP

If you have any questions and or problems regarding setting up the FTPS connection, feel free to contact our customer support department.