CarPro’s Reservation Portal

With today’s fierce competition, car rental companies are constantly looking for ways to increase sales and decrease costs. At CarPro we strive to help you achieve both those aims and what better way to increase your turnover and ROI than by offering online reservations. With more and more people planning and booking their trips on the Internet, CarPro today offers you the possibility to enable users anywhere in the world to reserve cars on-line through your company website.

The new web portal provides automated rate calculations directly from RentPro’s sophisticated rate engine. Special requests requiring confirmation appear in the system with all the advantages of your regular procedures as well as in your exception reports.

CarPro’s web portal through its seamless connection to RentPro ensures you control which branches take part in internet reservations, which Car Groups are available and which special rates or deals you want to offer.

At CarPro we take today’s technology and fulfill tomorrow’s needs. Unlike most Websites today, not only will users be able to make reservations, but the system will also check your database for vehicle availability, calculate estimated rental charges and provide immediate reservation confirmation. No more faxes and scribbled notes! Everything appears on your database immediately.

With technology at the end user’s finger tips, CarPro ensures that you generate additional reservations and rentals from every corner of the world whilst improving your cost efficiency.

Download Reservation Portal brochure:
CarPro Systems – Reservation Portal

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