CarPro Systems comprehensive ERP optimizes your business processes and provides a single integrated solution for all aspects of your automotive organization.

CarPro’s ERP is designed to reduce your operational costs and increase customer satisfaction by preventing backlogs, optimizing both your fleet availability and vehicle servicing schedules, and in addition improving your data entry efficiency.

CarPro’s ERP introduces a new company culture in terms of integration and dependency based on artificial intelligence generated by customized business rules, and with a critical path authorization to ensure consistency and reliability.



CarPro’s new generation browser based technology enables you to convert information into knowledge.

RentProXL handles all the aspects of rental management and offers more functionality than any other known rental software available in todays markets. The embedded ERP philosophy and methodology provides an all inclusive system to streamline your business processes and optimize your resources.


LeaseProXL is a tailor made management tool enabling maximum creativity in your financial and operational approach, the wide ranging functionality and critical path methodology ensures a seamless business flow with the emphasis on cost control.

LeaseProXL, your ultimate leasing solution, provides constant cost control and vehicle tracking, supports a wide range of sales and customer service functions, and supplies tailored customer quotations.


CarPro’s Fleet module maximizes the use of each vehicle by continuously tracking its utilization and associated maintenance and damage costs. The vehicle management reporting tools allow optimal fleet planning and ROI for each vehicle type.

CarPro provides all the administrational and financial functions for complete and effective branch management plus a sophisticated variance management system, defined by exception, and equipped with a wide variety of trigger alerts.


CarPro Systems ChauffeurProXL module has been developed in answer to the growing market demand for a professional, modern and sophisticated software system capable of handling the needs of todays Limousine and Chauffer drive industry.

ChauffeurProXL is equipped with an intelligent rate engine that provides instant pricing for hourly, daily, transfer and outstation rates providing you with the capability of creating instantaneous Chauffeur Quotations, Reservations, Agreements and Duty Slips thereby increasing front desk efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Material / Spare Parts

Total Control over your Garage Material Inventory

  • Purchase Order management for Material including approval process.
  • Option to Order Material for specific Job Cards
  • Proactive management of Material Inventory using Reorder Level, Minimum Level and Maximum Level.
  • Complete tracking of Material Transactions including historical data on suppliers of material, cost of purchase, date of purchase etc.


CarPro’s CRM

Gain a major competitive advantage

Empower your sales team and stay in touch with your customers by utilizing CarPro’s integrated CRM module that provides seamless integration with your existing software.

CarPro’s BI Reports

Advanced Reporting and Analytical tool for today’s dynamic business needs

Visualize and analyze your business data in real time over the web using IntelliVIEW Dashboard reports which are fully integrated within the CarPro suite of products.

CarPro’s Reservation Portal

With today’s fierce competition, car rental companies are constantly looking for ways to increase sales and decrease costs. At CarPro we strive to help you achieve both those aims and what better way to increase your turnover and ROI than by offering online reservations? With more and more people planning and booking their trips on the Internet, CarPro today offers you the possibility to enable users anywhere in the world to reserve cars on-line through your company website.

CarPro’s Client Portal

Put your customer in control!

Your customer expects you to enable them to communicate with you, using the latest technique. He wants to be proactive and in control!
With CarPro’s Customer Portal, you can give your commercial customer direct – real time – access to their own data. You can allow them to create reservations, view agreements, create lease quotations and print copies of their invoices and so much more!