CarPro’s new generation browser based technology enables you to convert information into knowledge.

RentProXL handles all the aspects of rental management and offers more functionality than any other known rental software available in todays markets. The embedded ERP philosophy and methodology provides an all inclusive system to streamline your business processes and optimize your resources.

RentProXL is equipped with a sophisticated rate engine that uses an advance rate logic combined with artificial intelligence to optimize the automatic calculation of rental charges based on flexible tariffs and rates.

RentProXL’s Fleet module maximizes the usage of each vehicle by continuously tracking its utilization and the associated maintenance and damage costs. The vehicle management reporting tools allow for optimal fleet planning and calculating the ROI for each vehicle type.

RentProXL Features:

  • Your business at a glance on your dashboard – the ‘Real Time’ approach
  • Online display of operational and projected vehicle utilization
  • Online display of fleet status for ongoing vehicle tracking and control
  • Online display of available (ready) vehicles for rapid response to market demands and quick reaction to troubleshooting
  • Pro-active approach to all items requiring action such as overdue vehicles, pre-closed agreements, authorizations, security deposits etc.
  • Easy to use intuitive business oriented navigation with streamlined processes and built-in quick accesses provided by a new comprehensive search engine with improved sort capabilities and artificial intelligence
  • Online analysis and and reporting based on CarPro’s customized Intelliview report generator
    Web-enabled technology reduces hardware and communications costs

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CarPro Systems – RentProXL™

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